Dyslexia pouch


小袋子上的字跡由讀寫障礙小朋友所繪寫,讀寫障礙的小朋友每天都在成績為標準的學校中掙扎,以至成長過程難免感到挫敗,但如果我們以藝術的眼光看待事情又會否變得不一樣? 我們希望以另類設計的方式引起大眾對學習需要兒童的關注。

#由絲網印刷到裁縫也與不同能力人士共同參與製作, 產品由工場製作

The number on the pouch was written by Dyslexia children. Kids with Dyslexia always have trouble with standard academic studies and feel defeated during their childhood. But what if we see this reading disorder as an art? We hope to raise awareness about those special learning needs children through our inclusive design.
#product made from people with disabilities, collaborated with shelter workshop

Size: 11cm (w) x 9cm (h)